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Palletforce leads the way with IT investment

May 23, 2016

palletforce, Palletforce leads the way with IT investmentPalletforce has invested over £1 million in its IT infrastructure as part of its commitment to providing a quality service. The Alliance system developed by Palletforce, the UK’s leading palletised distribution network, has now been rolled out to all of its members. It only took a year for IT staff at the member-owned network’s hub in Burton-upon-Trent to develop and deploy the system from the ground up.

Alliance offers full visibility of customers’ freight from collection to delivery, including live tracking, electronic proof of delivery (ePod), and online scanned paper POD information (if required).

“The development and implementation of the Alliance system across our entire network has been a great success,” said IT Director Dean Hughes. “It was delivered both on time and on budget and is now a very active system being used by all our member depots. Alliance is completely owned by Palletforce so we now have the flexibility to modify and adapt the system to suit our unique needs and the requirements of our members and customers.”

Key benefits of Alliance:

  • Online consignment entry & label printing
  • Live pallet tracking
  • Live electronic proof of delivery using ePod
  • Online access to scanned paper proof of delivery
  • Mobile phone tracking app

Michael Conroy, Chief Executive of Palletforce, said:

“Alliance is a purpose-built system which has been designed to facilitate the future growth of our network while supporting members to continue providing efficient, quality service.”

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palletforce, Palletforce leads the way with IT investment

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