For over 60 years, Chambers & Cook have provided dedicated contract services, specifically tailored to our customers’ specific needs. This service goes back as far as the 1950s, when innovative double deck trailers were designed for our customers Atco Mowers, which instantly doubled the loading capacity. This represented a much more cost-effective solution for them, and had a positive impact on their capabilities and efficiency.

We currently have many clients that benefit from a well-designed, tailor-made solution that was specifically created to meet their individual transport requirements. This ranges from UK distribution utilising a fleet of custom-built trailers in the client’s corporate livery, or an international solution incorporating standard tractors with the option of trailers in the customer’s corporate livery. The provision of dedicated warehousing is also an option, enabling companies to concentrate on their core activities and not be sidetracked by operational activities.

The advantages of Contract Distribution are:

  • The purchasing power of Chambers & Cook can be used to negotiate reduced costs for vehicles
  • Reduced personnel overheads as the drivers and managers will be on the payroll of Chambers & Cook
  • Can be managed either in-house or at Chambers & Cook
  • Increased brand visibility through use of corporate livery
  • Performance monitored and measured against KPIs
  • Costs would be covered by simply one invoice per month
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Coronavirus Update

Dear Clients and Partners

The announcement by the government to further lock down the country was a significant step that we fully support. Our company will continue to operate our services where possible to maintain the supply chain. We appreciate the fact that the logistics industry is imperative to keep the country running. At the same time we take very seriously our responsibility for protecting our workforce and our continually reviewing the current situation and adapting accordingly. If you have any concerns please contact us.