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The Government must work the haulage industry to tackle the HGV driver shortage

The RHA are again calling on the Government to tackle the ongoing HGV driver shortage.

With a shortage of around 65,000 trained drivers affecting the speed and cost of deliveries across the country, they’re urging the UK government to take a series of actions to help resolve the problem and protect our vital supply chains.

RHA chief executive Richard Burnett has urged ministers to help the industry resolve the driver shortage, saying: “We must work collectively and towards a sustainable way to recruit and train a homegrown workforce so our reliance on foreign labour lessens over time.”

Richard also explained that, if action isn’t taken soon, the industry will be unable to maintain the integrated supply chains. Hot weather and the easing of lockdowns will increase the demand for food and drink into supermarkets, pubs and restaurants and goods into retail outlets.”

His comments appeared in a BBC News article, alongside those of Ian Jarman from Llanelli-based Owens Group. Ian has also called for more action to be taken, saying that “if it doesn’t improve in the coming months there could possibly be delivery shortages”.

Ian also noted the Government’s shift from praising the haulage industry a few months ago, to seemingly ignoring an issue which could see it grind to a halt, saying that, in the pandemic we were seen as an important industry keeping the deliveries going in the UK, but that now the Government weren’t providing the support needed.

The RHA are continuing to put pressure on the Government to take action on the HGV driver shortage.

Earlier this week they issued a list of 12 steps to take to help alleviate the current pressure on the HGV’s supply chains and the haulage drivers who keep it moving.

They’re also asking all operators to complete this very short and focused survey to show us how the shortage of drivers is impacting your business. All information collected will be kept confidential, and used to provide an overview of the industry and not that of individual companies.

You can also help to increase pressure on Government by using this quick and easy tool to request your local MP to write to Government and support these asks.

They published an open letter to the Prime Minister on 23rd June 2021 asking for direct support. You can download a copy of the letter here


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