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Chambers & Cook ships it’s two-millionth pallet through the Palletforce network this week


Yesterday we reached another exciting milestone in the history of Chambers & Cook. We shipped our two-millionth pallet!

Thank you to all of the Chambers & Cook team for their hard work in helping to make our PalletForce operation such a huge success, and of course, thank you to all of our loyal customers.

In September 2001 Chambers & Cook became one of the founding members of the PalletForce group and in our first week we shipped 9 consignments totalling of 15 pallets. Over the last 20 years our handling capabilities have grown and we are now shipping, on average, 3500 pallets per week. The Palletforce network have shipped 42 million in total and we are proud to be part of this ongoing success.

One of them wasn’t even born when we shipped the first few pallets back in 2001. Can you guess who 😉


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