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Longer is better

palletforce-newsChambers & Cook is a founding member of Palletforce and transports some 600 pallets every night between our Birmingham depot and the Palletforce hub at Burton on Trent. Moving this volume of pallets requires optimal utilisation of our equipment; previously we used up to seven 13.6 m double deck trailers to carry the load.

When additional licences were made available for Longer Semi Trailers (LSTs), we took the opportunity to apply for these and added two 15.6 m double deck trailers to our fleet.

These each provide an additional 8 standard pallet spaces, increasing pallet capacity by 17%. With a negligible effect on fuel this gives a great improvement in trunking efficiency. The only significant cost is the additional capital cost of the trailers, which have a rear steering axle to comply with the same turning circle requirements of a standard 13.6 m trailer.

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