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Retailer’s Christmas peak solution

christmas-palletforce-case-studyOne of Chambers & Cook’s domestic clients is a nationwide retailer with over 200 UK stores. They have their own fleet of vehicles but during their pre-Christmas peak period they require additional capacity in order to keep up with increased demand; if they are unable to do so, their customers will go elsewhere.

We devised a solution to deliver this extra capacity of up to 4000 pallets over a 10-week period via the Palletforce network.

These are all backdoor tail-lift deliveries to high street shops, and where other networks have previously failed to provide a reliable service, Chambers & Cook together with Palletforce are now in our fifth year of providing this seasonal capacity.

This retailer returns to us on a yearly basis because they know they can trust Chambers & Cook to deliver, so they in turn can deliver to their own customers.

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