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Air Freight Forwarding Services

Air freight forwarding services are absolutely fundamental to commercial business today, especially if the goods being transported need to be delivered to international destinations quickly and safely.

Chambers and Cook Freight provide fast, reliable and efficient services to companies and individuals who do business around the world including the Americas, Africa, Russia, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia or Australia.

Worldwide Air Freight

Whether you are looking for weekly flights to the Far East or need to charter 747 freighters to ship your goods, we have cost-effective air freight solutions for you.

With years in the air freight forwarding service industry sending materials all over the world, we have a proven track record of getting the products you need where you need them and when you need them.

We utilise the latest technology and build global relationships to ensure that we can put your goods in the right hands worldwide.

Our knowledge and expertise in air freight is far reaching, and we can ship nearly any commodity that you need transported including live animals, perishable foodstuffs, personal effects, life-saving drugs, military cargo and oilfield equipment.

We are happy to work with individuals, for-profit business, governmental agencies, or non-profit establishments and NGO’s.

We believe that you will not be disappointed with the cost or care that we can offer you as an air freight customer and invite you to get in touch with us today for a fuller explanation of everything that we have to offer.

So request a quote today or get in touch with one of our expert advisers to discover what Chambers and Cook can do for you.

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