Since Chambers & Cook’s inception in 1925, we have evolved from our initial UK distribution base to worldwide freight forwarding services and specialist contract distribution in both the UK and Europe. For more than 85 years, we have been providing logistics, freight, and transport solutions for industry, and are one of the largest import and export companies in the West Midlands

Our Birmingham Freight company is family owned and is now managed by the third generation to steer our course. For more than eight decades, we have employed the personal touch to build lasting relationships with our clients. In the process, we have helped to make the world a smaller place by decreasing the time required to move goods from destination to delivery.

We now encompass a specialist exhibition logistics company, 24/7 Exhibition Services. We are also a shareholder member of Palletforce, one of the UK’s fastest growing palletised distribution networks providing comprehensive services to the UK and the European continent.

We have always been known as innovators, and were one of the first companies to adopt double deck trailers and vehicles. This allows a cost effective method of hauling goods that are too fragile to be double stacked with one pallet atop the other. Without this type of trailer, loads were often hauled half empty out of necessity. We were also among the first to utilise specialist trailers sufficient to accommodate heavy or bulky plant machinery. We plan to continue leading the way in developing and adopting new methods that can provide our customers with better service and lower costs.

Birmingham Freight Company

Our Birmingham freight forwarding department has helped our customers open up the world by utilising our experience with all kinds of freight. We can assist with shipments to areas that may be difficult to reach, including those currently in conflict.

From our head office in the heart of Birmingham in the West Midlands, we are ideally located to access the entire UK, as well as European destinations. More than three quarters of the UK’s population lies within a half a day’s drive by truck. Direct access between Birmingham and Europe is provided by utilising the channel tunnel. In addition, the area is served by the UK’s second largest airport outside of London. Nor do shipments by sea pose a problem for us. We are also located adjacent to the M6 motorway, allowing us to further reduce times.

While we eagerly anticipate marking a century in the industry, we shall not rest on our prior achievements. Instead, we shall continue to offer exemplary service to our customers and continue to lead the way in new methods and technologies that will contribute to the success of our clientele. Whatever your needs might be, we are confident that we can meet or exceed your expectations.